Our Vision

A brief story on how Guacamole became a big deal to us at Guacamole King.


Guacamole king is An integrity based business that is achieved when passion and perfection meet

It all started with One Dream

to bring Fresh Handcrafted Guacamole to your table

Guacamole King is a family owned business, that strives to make the freshest products. We grew tired of seeing products made with artificial ingredients so that’s why we only use high quality fresh ingredients. Everything is personally handcrafted and, of course, there are no artificial preservatives, or additives. There’s no false advertising or smoke & mirrors from us, what you see is what you get. So when our label says NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS we really mean it. Absolutely NO CO PACKERS are used, meaning that we can directly oversee that your products are persistent in quality by keeping everything "In House".

We don't just specialize in making Guacamole, 

We specialize in Handcrafted Premium Quality